The Stingrays are always looking for new ways in which to raise funds for team events, equipment, travel, etc.  If you've got an idea on how to raise funds in support of your Child's Team, we'd like to hear your ideas!  Please contact DST's Member FundRaising Chairperson Heather R  to propose your idea and get started on the next incentive.

Corporate Sponsorship is also available.  Please see our Team's Sponsorship application brochure pg1 / pg2 / pg3 / pg4 - interested in supporting your local team?  Please contact Head Coach Leanne

Long standing fundraising opportunities:

Bottle Depot

Pick up refundable bottles and cans at any time, and return them to the Bottle Depot in Duncan to raise funds for your swimmer’s fundraising account. Why not take a little time over the holidays to let your neighbours know you are raising funds for the Stingrays, pick them up and return them to the Bottle Depot. Instead of taking the cash, please make sure to ask them to be credited to the Duncan Stingrays account and write your name clearly on the card so they can be credited to the correct swimmer’s account.


Interested in giving back to the Team that has afforded you so much?  Please contact Head Coach Leanne for sponsoring opportunities.