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Duncan Swim Team Terms & Conditions
Applicable to: Stingrays Summer Camp wk1 D group (entry program) I Can Swim Stage 1 DST Board of Directors: voting D group (full program) Stingrays Summer Camp wk2 DST Board of Directors: non voting I Can Swim Stage 2 I Can Swim Stage 3 DST Staff C group Stingrays Summer Camp wk3 Stingrays Summer Camp wk4 B group SwimActive A group Stingrays Summer Camp wk5


Terms & Conditions for Participation 2018 / 2019
updated 26sept18

  1. Proof of Age: All Swimmers must submit their BC Care Card Number to the Duncan Swim Team for proof of age and in case of emergency.  Please ensure that this is declared annually.
  2. Updated Contact Information: It is important that you keep the Team updated with your most current contact information.
    • ALL MEMBERS will receive 2 emails:
      i)  Swimming Canada validation MUST BE COMPLETED for your Swimmer to be insured
      ii)  DST account via www.duncanstingrays.com “TeamUnify” sign in

Please be sure to respond to the email(s) received.  Troubles completing the steps above?  Please contact DST volunteer registrar@duncanstingrays.com or leanne@duncanstingrays.com 

  1. SwimBC Registration and Insurance Fees: These fees are mandatory and cannot be prorated throughout the year, nor are they eligible for any sort of discount or rebate.  As such, they are payable at time of Registration.  Please see Appendix A for applicable definition(s). 
  2. Membership Fees: There has been no increase to the monthly dues for the 2018/19 season.  Team membership fees FOR FULL SEASON ARE DUE AT TIME OF REGISTRATION.  Please see Appendix A for each group’s specific information.
         i)  In consideration of our Team’s volunteers, we require that ALL members submit their full annual payment either in a single payment OR monthly payments on file at point of Registration:

  • Payments are to be made on the 1st of every month.  No exceptions.
  • Families withdrawing prior to 30jun19 can request, in writing, their payment either returned or destroyed by following the DST Withdrawal Process – see Point 5 below.
  • If the participant has applied for funding, then a payment on file must be received in lieu and will be held in trust with a maximum 3-month participation window. 
    If funding is not received at the end of this 3 month period then the payments held in trust will be deposited 

     ii)  One day of Swimming in a month constitutes swimming in that month.  September and October’s dues are rolled into one complete month – one day of swimming in September and/or October constitutes swimming in that ‘month’.
     iii)  No partial months will be billed or credited nor will adjustments to fees be made ‘after the fact’.  Stat holidays, scheduled Winter & Spring Breaks, year end date, etc. are calculated into your monthly dues.  Daily attendance is taken by Coaches and will be used to verify each month’s billing obligation.
     iv)  The Duncan Swim Team does not pro-rate fees, fees may not be transferred between members and the team requires a minimum of 30 days’ WRITTEN notice for withdrawal – please see point 5 below.
     v)  Refunds will be taken off the last month(s) of the season working backwards to present date OR provided as an August payment.
     vi)  NEW THIS SEASON: Members in A - D groups are invited to continue with their Swimming into July provided: 
          a)  Member is focused for this time frame with the goal of a mid summer racing opportunity
          b)  Expression of participation is received by DST prior to 01jun19 with July 2019 dues paid in full

  1. Withdrawal & Downgrades from the Duncan Swim Team: Notification of withdrawal / group downgrade, whether temporary or permanent, must be submitted in writing prior to the first day of withdrawal / group downgrade. 
    From date of written notification received, there will be an obligatory 30 day’s notice + the remaining number of days in that said month i.e. withdrawal on March 15th means financial obligation until Apr 30th.
         i)  The only exception for consideration is medical reasons confirmed by a Physician’s note for which the monthly fees will be prorated to the full month or half month basis based solely on the calendar date.  Backdating will not be considered – please express your intent in writing ASAP.
  2. Returned Cheques: All cheques payable to DST that are returned NSF shall result in the following:
         i) Payment of a $30.00 service fee
         ii) Ten business days to replace the payment with cash, money order, or a certified cheque

Failure to comply will result in the following:
   iii)  IMMEDIATE suspension of swimming privileges until payment is received
     iv)  If two cheques are returned NSF in one season, only cash will be accepted


  1. Volunteer Amounts: The Duncan Swim Team is a Parent run organization and your support, as a member of your team, is necessary to support our Swimmers in succeeding.  Volunteer Amounts need to be received at point of Registration. 
    Between 50-55 volunteers are needed to host each session of a sanctioned swim meet. A system of base points has been established to ensure that DST has enough volunteers to deliver the designated meets that it hosts in the season. Generally, there are three sanctioned meets & two Orange & Black mini (in-house) meets each year.
    The 2018-19 season is the introduction of the new points-based system for volunteering.  Each swimmer (A-D group, 2nd year and higher ICS) family will be responsible for fulfilling points required to get a full refund of the $500 bond.  (For multiple swimmers per family, $150 per child beyond the first swimmer) Please refer to Appendix B for the points breakdown.  The volunteer bond will be cashed at the end of the season if the points have not been fulfilled.

    Please note: it is the responsibility of the member to claim their Volunteer credit via the DST website www.duncanstingrays.com   To receive the credit, each member must sign up for a volunteer position prior to the meet via the DST website and sign in on the day.

    Failure to do so results in nil record towards Volunteering Amounts.
  1. Officials’ Training: An additional $500 per family post-dated cheque will be collected at registration.  This is a bond for ensuring Officials’ training is done by each family. It is our goal to inspire our members to be lifelong active participants and, what greater way but for YOUR knowledge to grow by becoming a Swim Official.  No prior knowledge of Swimming is necessary.   Please refer to appendix B for the expectation per level of swimmer
  2. Meet Entry Process & Fees:
         i)  Swimmers must confirm online via the DST website > specific competition prior to the DST INTERNAL DEADLINE stated on the website.  NO CONFIRMATION = NO PARTICIPATION
         ii)  Competition participation along with events selections are at the full discretion of the DST Coaching Staff
         iii)  Swimmers are responsible for entry fees at Swim Meets paid online by plastiq.com or cheque into the DST box – see Appendix C for location.
         iv)  To ensure that appropriate DST Staffing is available to all competitors, the cost to send Staff will be divided equally amongst all participants of that specific competition EXCEPT for Championship style competitions.
         v)  Once confirmed online via www.duncanstingrays.com, members have until the Host Team’s entry deadline to decline participation.  Once this deadline has passed, each participating member is obligated to the Duncan Swim Team for the expressed fees amounts and are payable upon notification
    • a)  If your swimmer is entered into a meet and does not attend, the meet fees and Coach Meet Cost are still your responsibility. 
                     a) The only potential exception is if a Physician’s note is received in a reasonable period of time AND a refund is provided by the Host Team.  Please note that this refund is wholly and completely dependent on the decision of the Host Team.
    • Confirmations received online will be followed through upon.  To rescind your confirmation for a competition, please do so in writing PRIOR to the HOST TEAM’S DEADLINE.  Failure to do so will result in member financial obligation.

     vi)  The Team will pay entry fees for Relays.  Relay Team selection is determined by the DST Staff.

  1. Training Groups’ Practice and Meet Schedules: It is the expectation that each member be proactive about knowing their swimmer’s schedule(s).  Regular practices are not held on statutory holidays, Winter Break and Spring Break; coinciding with the SD79 school year, unless special arrangements are made.  Each group’s regular weekly schedule is distributed at point of Registration and posted online at www.duncanstingrays.com > Calendars > Groups schedules. 
         i)  Makeup sessions for illness, vacation, statutory holidays, etc. are available upon request and dependent on space available for specific skill levels to maximum of 1 session at a time.  Extraordinary and extenuating circumstances are at the discretion of the DST Staff.  Please contact your Swimmer’s regular Coach to coordinate PRIOR to the missed session and the make up session. 
         ii)  All workouts are delivered by the DST Staff.  Each group’s workout is only available during the specified practice time.  No written workouts will be given in lieu of absence(s).


CHANGES ARE POSTED ONLINE AT www.duncanstingrays.com > Calendars > Month at a Glance

Appendix A: outline of costs per group

Please note:

We encourage participation by all but spaces may be limited in each group and as such Sessional Swimmers i.e. less than full season and those who register at a less than full program may be placed on a waiting list. 

Preference will be given to those who have elected to participate for their specific group’s full program along with the full season registration vs partial season.

Payment(s) MUST BE RECEIVED IN FULL PRIOR to entering the water! 

Jr 'Rays / I Can Swim Monthly Dues Swimming Canada / SwimBC's I Can Swim Insurance & DST Registration Fee combined* Volunteer Amount

  $145     3 workouts / wk  

$102     2 workouts / wk

$62     1 workout / wk

$50 I Can Swim^

2nd year



Monthly Dues

Swimming Canada / SwimBC Insurance* Registration Fee Volunteer Amount

$118     2 workouts / wk

$72     1 workout / wk

$47 Non Compeititive* $50 2nd year: $150


D Group & SwimActive

Monthly Dues

Swimming Canada/SwimBC Insurance* Registration Fee Volunteer Amount Officials Bond

     $174     3 workouts / wk     

+ Saturday BONUS  invite

$118    2 workouts / wk

$72     1 workout / wk

$91 – FUNdamental (8yrs &Under)

$111 – Skills (9/10yrs)

$157 – Development (11 to 14 yrs)

$199 – Open (15 & Over)

$47 Non Competitive^

$50 $500 $500


C Group

Monthly Dues

Swimming Canada/SwimBC Insurance* Registration Fee Volunteer Amount Officials Bond

$215   3 - 5 workouts / wk

+ Gym option upon

full participation of water program

& Coach invite     

$111 – Skills (9/10yrs)

$157 – Development (11 to 14 yrs)

$199 – Open (15 & Over)

$47 Non Competitive^

$50 $500 $500


B group

Monthly Dues

Swimming Canada / SwimBC Insurance* Registration Fee Volunteer Amount Officials Bond

     $260 5 - 6 workouts / wk     

     full Gym privileges     

$157 - Development (11 - 14 yrs)

$199 - Open (15 & Over)

$50 $500 $500


A group

Monthly Dues

Swimming Canada / SwimBC Insurance* Registration Fee Volunteer Amount Officials Bond

$306     7 – 9 workouts / wk

with base 6: M/T/W/Th/F/Sat

+ up to 3 more & full Gym privileges

$157 – Development (11 to 14 yrs)

$199 – Open (15 & Over)

$50 $500 $500

 * Multi Swimmer Family Rebate: SwimBC offers a rebate for families who have more than two swimmers registered.  The member must request a Family Rebate Application form within the application period between Sept 1, 2018 – Mar 31, 2019 to the DST Registrar to submit on their behalf:

·        $10 for 3rd family swimmer

·        $20 for each additional swimmer

^ SwimBC Insurance categories I Can Swim & Non Competitive: May participate in one and only one sanctioned competitive opportunity (excluding SwimBC Championship meets and all SCN designated meets); prior to competing in their second competition, swimmers must upgrade to the Competitive category (see above) which corresponds to their age as of December 31st, 2018


Payment MUST BE ON FILE IN FULL PRIOR to entering the water!


Appendix B: Volunteering Amounts & Officials Bond

The Duncan Swim Team is YOUR Parent run organization and your assistance is necessary for our Swimmers to succeed.

We highly encourage all families to assist at DST hosted functions and also at those competitions where we visit other facilities (minimum 1 session per competition).  By doing so, this will provide us with the opportunities of requesting reciprocation from other Teams when needed.

How it works: upon registration, members give a post-dated cheque dated 01mar19 to the team to be held until the conclusion of the 2018/ 19 season.  Throughout the season, families are given opportunities to volunteer thus avoiding cashing of their cheque at the conclusion of the season.  It is our hope that we will be able to return these Bonds back to each swim family uncashed at the end of the swim season. We actually need your volunteer time, not your money.


Officials Bond – dated 01mar19


D/C/B/A groups


I Can Swim/SwimActive groups





1 training session          


   Additional swimmer commitment




Volunteer Amount – dated 01mar19


D/C/B/A groups


I Can Swim/SwimActive groups



$150 (2nd year)


3 sessions (sanctioned)*

1 session (sanctioned)*

Additional swimmer commitment

2 additional sessions


*families can compound their positions ie 3 volunteers on 1 day = 3 sessions


By joining the Team your swimmer is a member of a larger swimming community and thus it is expected that all members of this community be qualified and volunteer at their designated level – irrespective of competitive / non competitive intentions.  It is our recommendation that families work towards these guidelines:

  • Non Competitive: I Can Swim & SwimActive: volunteer at any capacity – no experience, nor knowledge of Swimming necessary
  • D group: Timer
  • C group: Stroke & Turn
  • B & A groups: Senior Official ie electronics, starter, referee, etc

Clinics are offered leading into a swim meet so newly qualified officials can immediately practice their skills and knowledge.  We endeavor to coincide this training with the Stingrays’ Time Trials (unsanctioned): “Orange & Black I” Fri 30nov18 & “Orange & Black II” Fri 15feb19.  We also ensure that more seasoned officials are available to work alongside rookie officials to provide support and answer questions.

Opportunities for volunteering include assisting at any DST sanctioned competition: save the dates for Sat 15dec18, Sat 02mar19 & Sun 03mar19, and Sat 22june19.  Please visit www.duncanstingrays.com > calendars for more details.

Options for helping out include, but are not limited to:

Meet Manager (per meet)

Chief Timekeeper *

Heat Sheet Sales


Clerk of Course *

Stroke & Turn Judge *

Hospitality Lead (per day)

Happiness Giver

Chief Electronics/Electronics 1 *

Shadow A Level II Position


Officials Shirts Washing

Chief Finish Judge/Electronics 2 *


Equipment Set Up / Take Down

Announcer & / or Awards (when required)

Starter *

Safety Marshall

Volunteer Check In


*Please note that some positions require specific knowledge and training.  The positions denoted with an “*” require attendance at an Officials Clinic.

More information about certification can be found at: https://www.swimming.ca/en/certification/    

TO BE CREDITED with the appropriate volunteering time / credits, it is necessary for each member to sign up for the specific events via their online account.  NIL ONLINE REGISTRATION = NIL CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEERING

This reduces the volunteer Board of Directors’ time to keep track of all members’ credits.

Uncertain how to do this?  Please refer to the DST Swimming 101 manual found at www.duncanstingrays.com > 'About' header

Appendix C: Fundraising

We have rolled the obligatory Fundraising Amounts into the monthly fees to make it easier on our Team’s volunteers and the Team as a whole. 

Swim fees cover the clubs operating expenses. Monies raised from BOD initiated fundraising events (Splash-a-thon, grocery bagging, raffles etc.) are used to purchase equipment and supplies to support our swimmers. The BOD welcomes fundraising proposals from the membership to reduce swim fees.  Please contact a board member if you have an idea.

 Have you any other ideas for expanding this part of our organization? 
Please be sure to let your DST BOD know by emailing executive@duncanstingrays.com

Appendix D: DST payments & “Drop Box”

Please DO NOT approach our Staff on deck to make payments! 

There are 2 options for our members in making payments.  When submitting payment, please be sure to include: a) Swimmer’s Name and b) why you’re paying this amount

  1. www.duncanswimteam.plastiq.com online payments can be made by creating an account through this site.  It is much like paypal and your funds will be deposited into your DST account as you advise.  Monthly automated amounts can be arranged as well as making ‘one off’ payments, all with a minor percentage service fee
  2. DST Drop Box.  There is a Duncan Swim Team secure box in the Cowichan Aquatic Centre lobby specifically for our members dropping off payments.  While we appreciate the greater peace of mind in handing your payment directly to a Staff member, we request you to utilize this provision.  A ‘simple’ conversation that is had with our Staff when on deck, concentrating on their Coaching, will prove to be a distraction and will take away their attention from the members they are working with. 

    Please be considerate to all of our members and their time by using the DST Drop Box instead of interrupting our Staff from their Coaching. 

    When ready, please follow the directions of these 3 pictures from the CAC lobby and drop off at:

1            2            3  



If you have special skills that might be of benefit to the Stingrays,
we would be happy to discuss how you can make YOUR Team better.