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SwimBC Personal Information Consent Form
Applicable to: Stingrays Summer Camp wk1 D group (entry program) I Can Swim Stage 1 DST Board of Directors: voting D group (full program) Stingrays Summer Camp wk2 DST Board of Directors: non voting I Can Swim Stage 2 I Can Swim Stage 3 DST Staff C group Stingrays Summer Camp wk3 Stingrays Summer Camp wk4 B group SwimActive A group Stingrays Summer Camp wk5

2018-2019 Registration Information Package


Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act



Club Name:                   _____________Duncan Swim Team______________________________


Registrant’s Name: ____________________________________________________________


Please read carefully, sign this form and submit to your home club

A Parent or Legal Guardian must sign for those registrants under the age of 18.


The Province of BC Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and the Federal Personal Information Protections & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) requires that consent be obtained prior to the collection and use of all personal information.


The personal information you provide to the Club from this registration will be used for the purposes reasonably associated with the swimming activities conducted by the Club, Swim BC, and / or Swimming Canada. These purposes include national, provincial and event registration, insurance coverage, training and competition participation and competition result and ranking and:

a)         Ensuring swimmers train and compete in an age appropriate environment;

b)         Establishing athlete eligibility for selection to swim teams;

c)         Establishing pertinent medical records and baseline performance data to assist coaching decisions in a national

team competitive or training setting;

d)         Reporting non‐identifying, demographic and participation statistics to funders, sponsors and other authorized   

      third parties;

e)   Reporting and publishing athletes’ names, genders, ages, club affiliations on Swim BC and Swimming Canada web pages
or in results, news releases and ranking reports and;

f)          Making direct contact with registrants, volunteers and staff as necessary for the operation of the Club, Swim BC

and Swimming Canada.


Swimming Canada complies with the obligation and responsibility to the World Anti-Doping Agency – WADA (or its agents) to provide information upon request.


Additional personal information may be collected from time to time. Consent for the use of this personal information may be inferred where its uses are obvious and it has been voluntarily provided. When not obvious, the purposes for collection will be provided prior to, or at the time of collection; either orally or in writing.

Complete texts of the Privacy/Personal Information Policies (variously the “Policy” or “Policies”) may be found for Swimming Canada at: https://www.swimming.ca/Privacy and for the Swim BC at: www.swim.bc.ca


Should a registrant wish to review their personal information held by either the Club, Swim BC, or Swimming Canada they must make a request to the appropriate organization pursuant to that organization’s Policy. 

Registrants may withdraw consent to use their personal information pursuant to the Policies.  Such a withdrawal however, may require the cancellation of your registration with and suspension of your activities with the Club, Swim BC and Swimming Canada. 


All registrants or their legal guardian must sign a copy of this form each season.


I hereby consent to the collection and use of personal information as described above.



__________________________________________                                                                                            ______________________________________

Signature of Swimmer (18 or older) or Parent/Guardian                                                                                                                                                   Date



Version 1.0 / July 3, 2018


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